Quality Brick Pointing

When it comes to brick repairs and home restoration, Period Home Brick Restorations delivers everything you expect and more. With so many years of experience, our brickwork is in a class of its own.

Period Home Brick Restoration & Construction are a family owned and operated business that has a deep appreciation for building structures through preservation and restoration, bringing them back to their former glory.

Restoring & Repointing a building is an art form and only those with a long standing expertise within the building industry are capable to handle such restoration works which require skilled craftsmanship. 

Period Home’s founder, Kelvin Luland, started Period Home over 20 years ago with only himself and his home garage to store materials. Kelvin took on two men to assist with the growing workload of two dozen projects per year.

Period Home has recently achieved an ISO (International Standards Organisation) certification with its Integrated Management Systems focusing on sustainability and the continuous improvement of their activities.  They are very focused on the economic, environmental, legislative and social aspects with a permanent vision of improvement and optimisation of the processes they undertake within the company.

Everything from Residential homes, large Privately-owned buildings or Government projects; all clients receive the same quality service, which exceeds the expectations of the original job they set out to achieve. 

Period Home is no-longer limited to Sydney and its outer suburbs; however it does contain a large majority of their works, current opportunities have arisen to broadening the extent and scope of their business.  They can now be seen in both the Newcastle area and outer Regions of NSW with larger Heritage projects. 

Due to the sheer size of some tasks or projects, which may be  overwhelming for clients, Period Home’s scopes are broken down, giving clients peace of mind that each item will be taken care of.

Clients are given portal access, enabling each member who has a vested interest in the building to watch the progress taking place and their buildings being restored to their former glory.

Period Home base the success of their business on client rapport, building long-term relationships and positive, word of mouth marketing. Period Home stand out amongst their competitors due to their long standing in the industry, high standards and strong work ethics all of which enable a good feeling ripple to flow within the company.

Our methodical approach guarantees that we can restore a home in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We leave your site clean and tidy

And we realise that there is no point leaving a neat house with a trashed yard. At Period Home Brick Restorations we treat your property, garden and surrounds with the utmost respect. On a day-to-day basis we make every effort to ensure your property is left clean and tidy.

Safety for you and our team

Period Home Brick Restorations adopts an around-the-clock safety policy. To achieve an accident free work zone, we plan our activities on a daily basis. We identify electrical hazards, and other issues around the workplace. Our OH&S cards are available for perusal upon request.