Windows, doors and other opening are supported by lintels and arch bars, mostly constructed with steel. It is therefore not unusual to see old steel lintels rusting with time or sometimes brickwork getting lifted due to lintel expansion. A building with faulty lintels and arch bars is likely to see more structural damages as the building brickwork can become so loose, leading to cracks from moisture seepage.

Replacing them can become very expensive, and that is why you deserve value for every coin spent on such jobs. We are unique from many companies that promise you quality arch bars and lintel works, only to deliver poor quality in your home renovation. Our steel lintels and arch bars are fully hot-dipped and galvanized, thus protecting your building from further cracking and rust. We use quality lintels that bond much better with mortar, creating a much lighter but exceptionally strong structure, free of corrosion and cracks. With us, you do not need structural priming to your building.

Brick Lintel Repairs and Replacement Diagram

Be it brick arches, steel bars or angles, prefabricated and reinforced concrete, we promise to give you a reinforced and stronger concrete structure. Because constructing an arch is preceded by some timber form-work, we concentrate on sufficiently setting the mortar with adequate curvature radius and wall stability against any outward thrust on the arch.

While the non-load bearing brickwork must be supported to its supporting frame, the anchors should be positioned to allow for movement, especially that caused by the long term expansion of bricks. In most modern brick buildings, brickwork is supported across the openings in exterior walls by either reinforced concrete, reinforced brickwork or a steel lintel discreetly hidden by a skin of brickwork.

We know that the simplest way to support the brickwork above an opening is to use a steel lintel because stone is relatively weak in tension, and can only be used over narrow spans. We solve this problem using an arch build from small brick elements bonded in mortar. This way, you are sure that your building will transfer the load sideways and downwards, from the key stone at the center to the jambs of the walls below.

Where window lintels and arches have failed, repairing the faults without reducing the loads can be counterproductive. Do not accept complacency and ignorance from you contractors, as this will cause your building to deteriorate further. We boast an experienced team of staff and consultants, all full with the necessary historic knowledge in building materials and structural designs. Our technical team are not only certified members of professional bodies, they understand very well arch bar and lintel replacement and repairs.

Let us help you identify and fix all the problems with your brickwork


  • Cavity/wall flashing repair and installation (where missing)
  • Lintel repair and replacement
  • Retrofitting/installing of brick ties, arches and abutments
  • or any other structural challenges you may be having.

We are proud to say that our clients continue to blend us with quality service, affordability and customer satisfaction, all through our years of operation in remedial building works. This has strengthened our business and we invite you to share in our success story.


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