Brick Repointing

masonry pointing showing mortar grooves - cropped

What is Brick Repointing?

Brick Repointing is the process of restoring deteriorated mortar joints in masonry. It is often also called simply Brick Pointing.

(That means we put new stuff between your bricks.)

Work begins with carefully grinding out the old sand and lime to a depth of 25mm to 30mm. To do this, Period Home Brick Restorations uses a vacuum system which eliminates as much as 90% of dust pollution.

New mortar is then injected into the joints to fill the cavity, tooled off and dressed.

After setting for 24 hours, the brickwork is pressure cleaned to leave a neat, picture-perfect finish.

The Benefits

Brick Repointing will restore the brickwork back to its original condition, restoring the structural integrity of the building, protecting against dampness, while improving the appearance and increasing the value of your home.

Grinding out the mortar ready for repointing

Why Brick Pointing?

Repointing will restore a home to what it ought to be.

Not only will new mortar renew a house’s lustre by restoring its crisp, neat lines and bright accents, repointing strengthens old, sagging walls.

Over time, crumbling mortar will displace bricks and allow moisture to penetrate a home. This inevitably leads to dampness and mildew within the inner walls which is a pain to clean and repair.

More troubling, though, invasive moisture can rust wall ties which may cause your walls to bow and possibly even collapse. If left unchecked, these problems are far more costly and less convenient than preventative repointing.

Since the process is time consuming and creates incredible volumes of dust, many tradesmen in the field will be tempted to cut corners. Period Home Brick Restorations maintains our promise to deliver to the highest industry standard, so that our clients get exactly what they pay for – the very best.

Done right, repointing will ensure a home’s integrity for at least forty years.

So repointing adds visual appeal, restores straightness and strength, and invariably adds to your home’s value.


Brick Repointing is often referred to as Tuckpointing. Brick Tuckpointing is actually a different, extra step in the process. It refers to a final layer of coloured mortar being applied to the top of a repoint. You can read about Brick Tuckpointing here.

masonry pointing showing mortar grooves
Grinding out the mortar ready for repointing

Restore your home to what it ought to be.

Here is a classic example of a duplex with before and after Repointing:

Brick Repointing Before & After on a home with old style feature bricklaying

Click and drag left and right to see before and after images of some past projects below:


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