Brick Waterproofing

There are different types of bricks for different requirements in the Construction industry. A brick provides the necessary structural integrity and decorative value to a building. Whereas a number of bricks could look quite similar, they vary greatly in their composition and possess unique characteristics. Our range of water proofing bricks are applied with quality masonry water repellents to give your structures and building, the durability it deserves. These repellents are manufactured to provide weather protection to porous building materials to prevent penetrating damp and protect against freeze thaw cycles and frost damage.

Our company boasts water repellent products that are easy to apply either by brush or roller. After application, the repellent will deeply penetrate into the brick pores before drying to give your structure long lasting protection. We boast a wide range of liquid masonry water repellents that encompass water based and solvent based products such as Aqua-Chek which is diluted with water before use on porous brick and render. Our experienced technicians use water repellents common in most types of masonry works, including in fresh mortar or render, natural stone and concrete.

You will not find such high specification water, oil repellent and quality Sovereign Stone Sealer used on natural stone such as marble and granite e.g. worktops and tiles to reduce staining; except with us. Plus our slate sealer not only giving your bricks a clear finish, but also enhancing the color of slate, hard wearing and water repellent.
When you use common bricks, often made from clay, you are typically using lower quality material not suited for underground construction. Our company promises you high quality water proofing bricks made of a mixture of water, clay and sand. They not only give you aesthetic value of exterior attractiveness, but also greater strength and durability. We focus on making our bricks hard-burned to survive exposed wall surfaces and also to withstand all kinds of weather and environmental conditions.

Looking for a variety of colors, styles, visibility and sizes in your bricks?

Then come to us for bricks that can bear huge weights and stresses, the greatest degree of uniformity and the best architectural design you will not find from any other dealer in the market. Our water proofing bricks are crafted to be extremely hard and go through a complex process to attain a high degree of compressible strength. Our engineers carefully select the clay used, then carefully mold and fire them in a kiln to give the resulting bricks greater strength and durability. You will not find any other brick that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, zero water absorption rates and damp resistant, except from us.

Do not be fooled that you brick have been constructed to be quite resistant, because many have turned out quite the opposite when subjected to extreme weather conditions. Visit us to see for yourself how brick waterproofing is done to help your bricks long lasting and weather out moisture, especially when used for construction in wet and subtropical freezing environments.
We use sealants made from siloxane to chemically bond the material together and prevent water from passing through it. You will notice that our water proofing bricks blend sealants that are very clear and do not change your structural appearance. At the same time, it does give you the convenience of allowing the vapor to escape from the bricks. Why is this so important? It is because most, if not all, buildings are constructed with materials that contain some moisture, and this needs to be let out, and this you will get from our water proofing bricks.

We promise you brick waterproofing sealants that not only resist accumulation of dirt, but also keep your building looking very brand new and clean, even though you will have to reapply it very four to seven years, for older brick structures and very five to ten years on newer buildings. Avoid efflorescence and spalling to your building by not using polyester, silicone, epoxy and acrylic sealants. Only our siloxane sealants will deliver the water proofing bricks you desire, including the mortar and brick surface, penetrating deep and far to prevent moisture from entering the brickwork cavity and wall construction.


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