Many businesses don’t consider the effect a worn-out façade has on their customers.

Rough looking exteriors, on buildings, can affect people’s perceptions.

At Period Home Brick Restoration & Construction we are experts at restoring building facades whether they are brick or concrete.

We work on high rise buildings, heritage buildings, apartments, businesses across NSW, restoring facades back to their former glory. We work ‘with’ our clients to restore buildings and bring back their amazing façades.


Cracked and damaged facades are also often the cause of deeper structural problems. Fixing the appearance therefore prevents further damage.

  • Crack repairs
  • Lintel replacement
  • Brick ties for strength
  • Brick repointing
  • Waterproofing
  • Painting
  • Rendering
  • Balcony and Balustrade upgrades

Building Facade Upgrades

Period Home is an expert in building facade upgrades.

Australia’s often harsh climate can lead to building facade materials needing to be repaired or replaced. 

For commercial building owners, strata managers or residential home owners, this can be a major capital expense but it’s vital if you want to ensure the structural integrity of your property. As well as ensuring the structural integrity, building facade upgrades can increase the value of your property. 

Period Home Pointing has a wealth of expertise in building facade upgrades on:

  • Commercial building facades
  • Retail building facades  
  • Residential building facades 

Experience the Period Home Difference

When it comes to building facade upgrades, Period Home offers:

  • Remedial building, construction and scaffolding
  • Project management
  • Problem analysis and solution planning
  • Extended manufacturers’ warranties
  • Services in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Regional

Type of building facade upgrades

Often working with architects or designs to help ensure the aesthetic of the building is maintained, Period Home can carry out a wide range of building facade upgrades including:

  • Window and balcony door replacements
  • Re-tiling of balconies
  • Exterior finishes and protective coatings
  • Rendering or repointing facade 
  • Cladding systems
  • Balustrade upgrades