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Bring Your Newcastle Property Back to its former glory With Brick Repointing

Being extremely close to the ocean, Newcastle infrastructure such as heritage listed buildings, commercial buildings, apartment blocks and homes are constantly exposed to the harsh elements.

Newcastle buildings which utilise brick and mortar will, over time, succumb to degradation of the mortar. This leaves many buildings as a shell of their former selves, both structurally and visually.

With proven experience and workmanship, Period Home Pointing is capable and qualified to substantially enhance the visual appeal and structural integrity of your home or building with our brick repointing.

We take a professional approach to brick repointing in Newcastle, as our step-by-step process ensures we do the best restoration job possible for your unique property.

Brick Repointing Newcastle Project

A Local Newcastle Team With Expert Knowledge

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With a local team based in Newcastle, our brick pointing services can be provided for all commercial buildings, apartments, and large residential brick homes in the Newcastle area.

Our team has an abundance of experience working in the Newcastle area. We understand the issues Newcastle infrastructure typically faces, and this allows us to complete more effective and thorough brick repointing projects.

Many buildings in Newcastle require more than just brick repointing. For more information on all of our Newcastle restoration services, click here.

Brick Repointing is the process of restoring deteriorated mortar joints in masonry. It is often also called simply Brick Pointing. 

Whilst the process and materials will be different depending on age, all brick and stone buildings can be repointed.

If the mortar of your building has started to erode or crumble, repointing will return your building to its former glory and prevent the need to perform costly and invasive remedial work to the inner structure.

Whilst repointing is typically a preventative action to repair or halt structural integrity issues, it is also common to repoint a brick building before selling to increase value.

The new mortar will renew a building’s lustre by restoring its crisp, neat lines and bright accents.

Done correctly, repointing will increase the integrity of the building by around 40 years.

Over time, the mortar for a brick building will begin to erode and crumble. This leads to displacement of bricks, and can also allow moisture to penetrate the structure. It is at this stage that a building needs to be repointed ASAP.

Left unchecked, dampness and mildew will contaminate inner walls, and wall ties will rust. At this point, your building is a ticking time-bomb. At this phase, repointing is no longer an effective option. Eventually the walls will bow and possibly even collapse. 

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Our Newcastle Brick Repointing Process

1. Consultation & Quote

One of our Newcastle based project managers will come out to access your building and provide recommendations. Sometimes buildings require more than repointing, so it’s in this consultation period that we conduct a full inspection, to ensure no future surprises will impact your quote.

2. Removing Mortar

Work begins with carefully removing the existing mortar to a depth of 25mm to 30mm. To do this, we use a mixture or hand, pneumatic tools and HEPA vacuum system which eliminates as much as 95% of ambient dust pollution.

3. Injecting New Mortar

Depending on proximity to coastal areas, and soil aggressiveness, new M3 or M4 mortar is then injected into the freshly raked mortar joints to fill the cavity. It is then tooled off and dressed.

4. Set For 48hrs

To ensure integrity and workmanship, the new mortar is left to set for 48 hours before any further work is completed.

5. Cleaning

Thorough cleaning is completed to wash away any remnant mortar from the bricks, providing a picture-perfect finish as good as the day your building was built.

6. Handover

Your project manager will walk you through everything that was completed, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you are satisfied with the work.

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Kind Words From Our Newcastle Customers


These guys did a great job restoring the brick work and pointing on our old workers cottage that’s 100 years old. They turned up at 7am every morning and were always friendly and happy to answer any questions. Our home is restored to its former glory and we couldn’t be happier with the final result. Thanks once again.

Allen James


Our brick home built in the 1930s was in need of a bit of tender loving care, the bricks were cracked in areas and the mortar was crumbling and falling out in different places. Period Home Brick Restoration repaired damaged bricks and repointed. They tuckpointed the front of the property and its looks terrific. The whole team was helpful from initial enquiry to clean up once the job was done. Highly recommend.

Brian Walker


My home has been restored to its former beauty thanks to Period Home. Can’t thank Dean and his team enough for the great work and care taken with my home. Very professional. If i ever have another home to be done Period Home will be the first i call .

Anett Garabedian

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