St Nectarios Church Burwood, Sydney

Church and Historic Building Restoration Services

St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church has historic significance as the first Methodist Church in Burwood, built in c.1879 in the Victorian Free Gothic style and since c.1970, the church has continued as a Greek Orthodox Church.

The church significantly retains its overall scale, form and character and architectural qualities such as a symmetrical facade featuring a projecting gabled entry porch flanked by small bays with slate covered roofs, stone wall buttresses and pinnacles, a large decorative rose window, pointed arched lead-light windows with pointed labels and decorative stone tracery.

Cost of project: $1.8M 

Duration of project: 6 months


  • Full Repoint to whole church
  • Stone indenting and replacement of deteriorated stone 
  • Installation of new chemical damp proof course
  • Stone waterproofing
  • Steam cleaning of existing
  • Replacement of leadlight windows and brass coverings

Period Home Brick Restoration & Construction were contracted by the parish of Saint Nectarios to restore the facade of the Greek Orthodox Church. We were asked to complete these works due to our extensive portfolio of remedial restoration contracts and experience. We carried out major stone rectification works to both side elevations of the church however the main scope was on the front elevation which required over 3T of existing and deteriorated stone removed and replaced by our team. The church was suffering from ferocious rising damp, stone fretting along the bottom 1.0m of the walls. We rectified this issue by injecting a chemical damp proof course, removing the faces of the deteriorated stone blocks and in-denting with new stone pieces we salvaged from a quarry in Leichhardt.

Everything above this bottom 1.0m we inspected and intended where required including the 5 spires towering over Burwood, these were inspected, removed in parts, new pieces carved by hand on site, hoisted into place and rebuilt in order to withstand another century.