Remedial Work & Restorations

Remedial Repairs refers to specialised types of rectification for buildings with structural and/or cosmetic defects.


Period Home Brick Restoration & Construction is a remedial building specialist company providing exceptional services to building owners, strata managers, project managers, engineers and architects since 2001.

Period Home Brick Restoration & Construction provide effective long-term solutions for various types of defect problems, including concrete cancer (spalling), crack repair, Concrete Crack Injection, Concrete Crack stitching, Concrete Protective Coatings, Waterproofing (Liquid & Sheet),Epoxy Application, Painting.

With over 25 years experience in some of the most challenging remedial, restoration and heritage projects, Period Home Brick Restoration & Constructions highly skilled team is committed to providing a broad range of remedial options, as well as providing excellent, personalised customer service.

As highly regarded specialists in the remedial field, we are aware of the complexities that many projects pose, and we work very closely with engineers and building consultants on difficult and complex projects.

Constantly striving for excellence, Period Home Brick Restoration & Construction have a fully accredited Quality, Safety and Environmental integrated management system. Our fully accredited Integrate Management System (IMS) has been established in accordance with the following standards

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System (QMS) standard.
ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems
ISO 45001:2018 – ISO standard for Occupational Health & Safety systems

Wall-Tie Replacement

What’s the Issue?

Living in the near-coastal areas of Sydney, salt will damage any structure over time. Buildings older than fifty years are particularly vulnerable due to the lime based mortar commonly used prior to the 60’s.

Lime mortar reacts with salt in the air, causing it to become powdery and crumble. With this deterioration, cracks can appear, mortar begins to erode and whole bricks can come loose. Eventually, moisture and salt penetrate the building, start causing moisture and subsequently rusting wall-ties.

The longer this continues, the more costly and dangerous the situation becomes. Oxidation is a pestilence, and the deeper into the outer mortar the salt reaches, the less effective repointing will be. Pretty soon you’ll be needing to pull down the external skin of brickwork and rebuild.

Things become even more dangerous when moisture and salt begin to erode the metal ties which hold the external brick face to the building’s internal skin or frame. Rusted, weakened or failed wall-ties will lead to the wall bowing, cracking and totally collapsing.

What can I do?

There are three solutions to these issues, and luckily, Period Home provides each one! Depending on the level of wall-tie corrosion, the only action required may be to repoint. In order to resist any lateral moisture ingress although in most occurrences this may already be too late.

If your wall-ties have oxidised too much to repoint, or bricks are already loose, we can start replacing them.

Lastly, we also offer various options in wall-tie replacement, depending on deterioration. The fastest and most cost effective method of resolving the problem is achieved by retro-fitting ‘dry fix’ ties. One benefit is that they don’t need grout or resins.

How do I know what I need?

Our team has the experience and qualifications necessary to provide you with an accurate assessment of your structure’s condition. We are also the most dedicated team between Sydney and Newcastle. So contact us for an obligation-free quote!

Remedial construction work taking place on a building

We are proud to offer complete wall-tie replacement and restoration services at a great price

  • Everything from bedding preparation to brick and tile installation.
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Concrete remediation is required for any and all existing concrete surface that has corroded from the inside, been structurally damaged, or had water penetrating it. When structural steel inside concrete is exposed to moisture it begins to rust. This causes a process called concrete cancer, also known as spalling.

These problems with concrete can be repaired!

Concrete remediation includes:

  • Crack injection
  • Applying protective membranes and coatings
  • Concrete cancer (or spalling) remediation


When slabs and bricks begin to fail, the whole building can become compromised. However, structural problems can get repaired.

There are solutions today that can get structural engineers’ approval that the building has a new lease on life.

These include:

  • Lintel replacement
  • Application of structural epoxy
  • New structural strengthening
  • Crack stitching and wall ties


It’s likely your asset has existing timber windows, some of these are likely to have begun to deteriorate and allow moisture to penetrate. Not only this, they look unsafe, and detract from the appeal and respect of the whole building.

Period Home can repair in place or replace your existing window frames with new. We can also replace broken glass, even specialty heritage glass. A good window repair finishes a building remediation superbly.


Given that the restoration of heritage buildings is a delicate task, Period Home combines comprehensive building and construction knowledge with the latest in curative techniques to ensure the building is restored in its full glory whilst attending to the heritage intricacies and requirements.

The restoration and remedial works on a heritage buildings can include façade and concrete cancer repair and stone masonry works, to waterproofing, carpentry works and window and door replacement.

As expert heritage restoration builders, we constantly ensure timely works with great results. Our skilled team leaders oversee all projects with our in-house developed software, comprehensive quality management and the very best workplace safety systems.

We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients across all heritage building restorations in Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle.

Period Home services as your heritage building restoration experts, these services include:

  • General Restoration of Heritage Buildings
  • Render Repair Systems
  • Façade Coating Systems
  • Window Compliance / Replacement Works
  • Façade Surveys – Diagnosis
  • Grouting and Repair Systems
  • Make Safe and Façade Surveys
  • Rising Damp Repairs
  • Membrane Systems
  • Concrete Cancer Repairs

Arch Bar & Lintel Repair

Windows, doors and other openings are supported by lintels and arch bars, mostly constructed with steel. It is therefore not unusual to see old steel lintels rusting with time or sometimes brickwork getting lifted due to lintel expansion. A building with failing lintels and arch bars is likely to see more structural damages as the building brickwork can become so loose, leading to cracks from moisture seepage.

Replacing them can become very expensive, and that is why you deserve value for every coin spent on such jobs. We are unique from many companies that promise you quality arch bars and lintel works, only to deliver poor quality in your home renovation. Our steel lintels and arch bars are fully hot-dipped and galvanized, thus protecting your building from further cracking and rust. We use quality lintels that bond much better with mortar, creating a much lighter but exceptionally strong structure, free of corrosion and cracks. With us, you do not need structural priming to your building.

Where window lintels and arches have failed, repairing the faults without reducing the loads can be counterproductive. Do not accept complacency and ignorance from you contractors, as this will cause your building to deteriorate further. We boast an experienced team of staff and consultants, all full with the necessary historic knowledge in building materials and structural designs. Our technical team are not only certified members of professional bodies, they understand very well arch bar and lintel replacement and repairs.

Building roof that has been repaired

Let us help you identify and fix all the problems with your brickwork

  • Everything from bedding preparation to brick and tile installation.
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