Brick Tuckpointing

heritage house after tuckpointing

What is Brick Tuckpointing?

Mortar deteriorates over time, resulting in ugly cracks and making a structure prone to damage. Tuckpointing restores the beauty and integrity of a home to the finest detail.

Tuckpointing is often referred to as repointing. It does start with brick repointing, as the process involves removing old mortar from the joints around bricks and replacing it with new mortar. But true Brick Tuckpointing is actually an additional step applied after the repointing has finished.

The differences are that the bricks are cleaned before pointing occurs, brick-coloured mortar is applied to neaten the shape and appearance of each brick, and white lines (“tuck”) are filled in, to add contrast.

A waterproof sealant is also applied as the final step, to protect from the elements.

Using two different coloured mortars makes the process more involved, and requires a lot more skill to see it done well. However, the result makes the masonry seem even finer and adds a definite prestige.

Kelvin and his team have worked diligently over the years to become experts at this process. Period Home Brick Restorations has reached the highest industry standard in the Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions. We possess the skill, attention to detail, and superior workmanship necessary for the highest quality in brick restoration.

heritage house after tuckpointing
Tuckpointing Federation Home Claude St, Cremorne

Tuckpointing has several benefits

Our work restores the brickwork to its original condition.

Additionally, it reestablishes the building’s integrity, protecting the structure from damage that can occur due to water gathering behind the bricks. Tuckpointing also enhances the appeal of a building. Each of these elements will drastically boost your home’s value, while adding to its historic charm.

Tuckpointing is true restoration, and is a stunning finish to heritage brick buildings. If you live anywhere between Sydney, Newcastle, or the Hunter Valley, please call us today.

We would love to restore your home in all its glory!

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