Wall-Tie Replacement


What’s the Issue?

Living in the near-coastal areas of Sydney, salt will damage any structure over time. Buildings older than fifty years are particularly vulnerable due to the lime based mortar commonly used prior to the 60’s.

Lime mortar reacts with salt in the air, causing it to become powdery and crumble. With this deterioration, cracks can appear and whole bricks can come loose. Eventually, moisture and salt penetrate the building and start causing mildew and rusting wall-ties.

The longer this continues, the more costly and dangerous the situation becomes. Oxidation is a pestilence, and the deeper into the outer mortar the salt reaches, the less effective repointing will be. Pretty soon you’ll be needing a whole new wall.

Things become dangerous when the moisture and salt rust the metal ties which hold the brick face to the building’s frame. Rusted, weakened or snapped wall-ties will lead to the wall bowing, cracking and totally collapsing.

3 Steps of Drilling for Wall Tie Replacement

What can I do?

There are three solutions to these issues, and luckily, Period Home provides each one!

Depending on the level of corrosion, the only action may be some quality repointing.

If your mortar has oxidised too deeply to repoint, or bricks are already loose, we can start replacing them.

Lastly, we also offer various options in wall-tie replacement, depending on deterioration. The fastest and most cost effective method of resolving the problem is achieved by inserting ‘dry fix’ ties. One benefit is that they don’t need grout or resins.

We are proud to offer complete wall-tie replacement and restoration services at a great price.


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How do I know what I need?

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