What is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a brick restoration technique. It involves adding a final layer of brick mortar (called the “tuck”) to a freshly repointed brick wall.

Brick tuckpointing, sometimes written as two words, tuck pointing, can be recognised when a repointed wall has stark, sharp new lines between the brick.

Not only does it involve a change in mortar colour , it is expertly and carefully applied using a straight edge and a razor, so the lines show up neat and new.

Old brick walls in Sydney often used a red mortar, and this adds to the drab feel of an old brick house. When the wall is repointed it will be with a mortar to match the old brick and mortar. But for the best visual results the wall needs to also be tuckpointed to showcase the brick with the mortar highlights.

For an explanation of professional tuckpointing services available in Sydney and Newcastle you can visit our tuckpointing page.

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